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Alban Muja / Artist Talk 30/ 07/2011

Alban Muja / Artist Talk

June 30, 2011 Thursday 18.30
Visiting artist Alban Muja, as a part of the Re-Locate Project, will realize an artist talk about his works in the Apartment Project.
Alban Muja (born 1980) is a Kosovo-based visual artist. His works cover a wide range of media including video installation, short film, documentary film, drawings, paintings, photographs and performance, and have been exhibited extensively in International exhibition, in festivals and shows including personal presentations as well. Mostly influenced by the social, political and social transformation processes in Kosovo and the surrounding region, he investigates history and socio-political themes and links them to his position in Kosovo today.

 After Alban Muja's presentation we have chatted for a while in front of the Apartment Project and then we went to Sehir Meyhanesi for dinner.

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